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Here a Nice Sian Welby Videos That Show Her In Different Outfit and Facet

Sian Welby was discovered by UK Channel 5″s owner Richard Desmond when she is still working as a sales assistant in New Look at london. Channel 5″s  hired Sian Welby to present weather forecasts, which out her in the fast track to fame. This Sian Welby shows Sian Welby in different facet and outfit in different episode of showbiz show OK!TV.

OK!TV was closed December 2011, but the popularity of Sian Welby continues, you can easily find tons od Sian Welby Videos, photos, and info around the web continues.

Here”s some quick facts about her from

Naturally creative and energetic, Sian brings more than just her presenting skills to a project.
Always bursting with ideas, Sian has experience in scripting, filming and editing her own shows.
After landing her first job presenting in 2007 her determined and enthusiastic approach finally paid off when spotted in 2010 on an advert for New Magazine by the bosses at Channel 5; She’s now their new full time weather girl!
Always game for a laugh, Sian is the ideal presenter for a show that needs personality…and a cheeky smile!

  • 2012 Weather Reporting with ITN
  • 2011 OK! TV reporter
  • 2011 EA Pwned co presenter
  • 2010 Channel 5 Weather Girl
  • 2010 Sky Sports presenter – Birmingham NIA
  • 2010 Extreme Sports Channel – British Quad Bike Championships/British motocross championship
  • 2010 London fashion Week – hosted live shows
  • 2008 -2010 – ‘The Family GP’ – online health web chat with This Morning’s Dr. Chris Steele.
  • 2010 – Manitoba 1000 TV – writer/director/editor/presenter
  • 2009-2010 – City Spotters – presenter
  • 2008-2009 – Property News Today – writer/director/editor/presenter
  • 2007 The Friday Itch – Presenter in London and on location in L.A and Las Vegas
  • 2007 Advert for the Friday Itch broadcast in Times Square, New York

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