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How Becky Mantin Become a Full Fledged Hot Weathergirls?


Becky Martin, a former Norwich School student who started her career at EDP Norfolk , before she become a new media celeberities through her work at Anglia TV and then ITV’s national weather.

Born in 1980, Becky Mantin did not started her media carreer as a hot weather girl on TV.Instead, Becky Mantin started her career in media and communication at the Norwich and Norfolk commercial radio station Broadland 102. It was only when Becky Mantin started working at Anglia TV when she have her first taste as her main role there is a weather presenter. She also later started reporting and presenting some regional TV programmes like consumer show Late Night Checkout.


Soon after Becky Mantin begun to appear on the ITV National Weather, Five, Sky and on This Morning occasionally as a reporter. It was only until 25 February 2005 when Becky Martin relive her duties with ITV Anglia completely and started her permanen work at ITV National Weather team that she really get into the hot weather girl career. There Becky Martin worked alongside Martyn Davies and Siân Lloyd.


The Becky Mantin Drama Timeline…..

Here’s a few event about Becky Mantin that caught the headlines for the pass few years

Becky Mantin Accident

This surfing accident had caused quite a “headline news” drama to Becky Martin’s life. Becky Martin was hit on the head by a fellow surfer’s board where she suffered a severe head injury that damaged her synapses on 7 June 2007 in Cornwall. She was sent to the hospital with concussion and slight memory loss.Though she returned to ITV on August that year, bit was pretty much on and off before she return to full time presenting again in 2008.

Becky Mantin Wedding

Mantin was married London Irish community rugby coach Jack Heald on 12 December 2009.They met when Becky MAntin participate in a the world yacht race that took place soon after she recovered from her surfing accident.

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Becky Mantin Baby News

Becky Mantin caught the lime light of the media again when she announced on ITV programme [This Morning] on 13 April 2010 that she was 14 weeks pregnant with her first child. She gave birth to her first born son named Roy on October 2010.

Mantin returned to work as a weather presenter on ITV1 on March 2011 after her maternity leave on March 2011. But soon, her twitter comes with an annoucement that Becky Mantin was pregnant and will have a child due on May 2012.

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